Rescue Piglet Becomes Best Friends With Orphaned Kittens

Rescue centers and sanctuaries undoubtedly provide massive help to society, mainly animals. Not only do these establishments attend to animal needs, but they also open warm welcoming homes for them. Sadness and trauma brought by a tragic incident are gradually healed. Caretakers ensure that every animal is given sufficient time to learn survival skills and stand on their own feet or paws. Aside from physical needs, the animals are emotionally nurtured. Orphans and rescues always end up building friendships with their caretakers. It’s difficult not to get attached to them, but you have to let them go someday. Although it’s sad, you’d still be happy that a once hurt and traumatized animal is finally free — in a forever home or their natural habitat.

Photo: Youtube/Santuario Igualdad

Aside from human friendships, residents also gain animal friends. As the relationship grows, the best buds go from playmates to each other’s daily companions. It doesn’t even matter if they are the same species or not — compatibility and emotional connection matter more. The internet has seen countless animal friendships between different species. Both have found emotional support and validation in the friendship they built. Sometimes rescue centers introduce the most random duos, such as a piglet and a kitten. Although uncommon, they surely are both adorable, and their happiness has reached millions of people.

Photo: Youtube/Santuario Igualdad

As you get to know their backstory, you’ll learn that the connection did not randomly happen, as they had a shared experience. The kitten and piglet have gone through pain at a young age. Laura is a rescue piglet, and Marina was an orphaned feline with special needs. They were given exceptional love and care by people from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie in Chile. Despite being abandoned by her mom in the streets, Marina found a home where her condition was given proper medical care. The sanctuary sparked hope inside the delicate kitten — she survived and has received immense affection from those around her.

Laura contributed a lot to her healing and growing up journey. They aren’t just playmates but also cuddle buddies and nap partners. Their days are filled with their mini-adventures, and they are very inseparable. Marina is also Laura’s self-designated alarm clock — friendships really do have different perks. Santuario Igualdad Interespecie shared a video of them from a few years ago. The piglet and kitten were absolutely adorable as they shared a heartwarming moment. Netizens couldn’t help but gush over the duo, which made the video gain 1,271,407 views on Youtube. Marina and Laura have definitely captured hearts — including yours after watching the 38-second clip below.

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