Tiny Kitten Is Scooped up from the Street and Saved

This little kitten lost her family, but some kind rescuers gave her what she needed to survive and then gave her a forever home.

We really feel for any cats that find themselves living on the streets. It can happen in any country, but there are some areas where it seems to be more prevalent.

Photos: YouTube / PawMeow

This includes Bulgaria, where a tiny kitten and her brother were living on their own and struggling to survive. It is thought that the mother cat may have been poisoned.

The Little Kitten Needed Help

That little kitten, whom they named Lakomka, was facing a difficult life, but she was about to get some help. Stoyan and Dessy are a couple from Bulgaria that helps kittens, and they wanted to help Lakomka to live a good life.

This loving couple rescued Lakomka and her little brother from the street. They began taking care of them immediately, but unfortunately, the little brother did not make it past the second night.

At one point, they were even afraid that Lakomka was not going to make it, but she pulled through. She really showed a desire to survive, and she was getting the help she needed.

Photos: YouTube / PawMeow

After Lakomka turned the corner and started getting healthier, she just continued to grow. It wasn’t long before Stoyan and Dessy were getting very attached to her.

They were looking forward to watching her grow and take her first steps and seeing just how far this tiny kitten would make it with some dedication and love.

Fast-forward to a month later, and they are getting what they consider to be the best reward for their efforts. The little kitten has grown, has a great appetite, and is very talkative. She can even bathe herself!

Lakomka Has Her Own Space

At this time, they are keeping Lakomka in her own room, because she is still tiny. They are afraid that the other cats may bully her, but being alone hasn’t stopped her from being playful and funny.

Lakomka is growing up to be a wonderful cat. She isn’t much for being touched, but she is a bundle of fun, and they are so happy she survived.

You can watch Lakomka and her story in this video:

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