Senior Golden Retriever Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Saved From Neglect

It’s so sweet to see a dog with a rough past living his or her best life after being rescued. People love a good success story, and that’s exactly what a 10-year-old golden retriever with Kit is offering the world.

According to PEOPLE, Kit was found as a stray in Turkey.

Photo: TikTok/@hangingwith_henry

Registered nurse Lindsay Paluba volunteers with the nonprofit Tattered Paws and Golden Hearts. Through that organization, rescue dogs in Turkey are placed in homes in the United States, and Kit was a prime candidate.

While Paluba already had three rescue dogs of her own, she immediately fell in love with Kit and decided to adopt her. It was a long road bringing Kit from the streets of Turkey to Paluba’s home in North Carolina, but it was all worth it in the end.

Photo: TikTok/@hangingwith_henry

Kit has been making guest appearances on Paluba’s popular TikTok, @hangingwith_henry.

“POV: your new rescue dog can’t stop smiling once she realizes that she is home,” Paluba shared in a recent video.

“Welcome to the family, Kit,” she added in the caption.

Photo: TikTok/@hangingwith_henry

In the video, Kit looks so happy and comfortable all curled up in her doggy bed! Her tail is wagging, and she’s got the sweetest grin on her face.

Check out the video below:

@hangingwith_henry Welcome to the family Kit💛 #smilingdog #goldenretriever #rescuedogsoftiktok #rescued #cutedog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Until I Found You (Sped Up) – Heaven When I Held You Again How Could We Ever Just Be Friends – Hiko

You can see more of Kit and her family on Instagram or TikTok, @hangingwith_henry.

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