You Can Now Buy A Royal Poo Bag Holder For Your Dog Thanks To King Charles

Having a dog in the family brings a lot of joy, but it also takes responsibility. Dogs need to be cared for and looked after, ensuring they’re fed, healthy, exercised, and loved. It’s a big commitment, but we do our best to give our pets the whole world.

If you’ve ever wanted your dog to feel like royalty, you may be interested to know that King Charles is selling royal dog poo bag holders at his country home, the Sandringham Estate.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The estate sells the bag holders for 16.99£ ($19.49), so visitors can clean up after their canines while at the estate or elsewhere.

The bag holders feature a chic and practical leather design that’ll make something as bland as poo bags feel like the royal treatment.

The product description reads:

“Never forget poo bags on your walks again!

A super stylish and practical Sandringham Leather Pouch which clips onto your lead or even a belt, bag or keys.

Handmade in the UK Made from Leather.

Part of the Happy Hounds Sandringham Range.”

Photo: Sandringham Estate

The poo bag holders are sold alongside other canine goodies as part of the Sandringham Estate’s Happy Hounds collection, including treats, dog beds, blankets, pet shampoo, collars, and more.

Sandringham’s website says its Royal Park is pet-friendly and is even equipped with watering stations for dogs. However, dogs are not allowed in Sandringham’s gardens or house, unless they are service animals. They also have a friendly reminder on the website to “Please clean up after your dog.”

Photo: flickr/Bernard Spragg. NZ

The poo bag holder could be purchased as a novelty item or collectible, but they could actually be used at the estate to clean up after your pooch as well!

It’s nice to have a stylish option to accompany daily doggy walks.

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