Random Acts of Kindness That People Do For Others, Even For Strangers

Kindness makes the world go round. Paying it forward will inspire people to show kindness, because they know how it feels to be at the receiving end. It plays a significant role in creating a strong foundation for a community. Without kindness, society might malfunction, and a better world will sound like a hopeless dream. Help whenever you can — whether it’s a big or small gesture. Showing even a tiny bit of generosity can make a person see light in a dark tunnel. Everyone is fighting an inner battle — receiving a random act of kindness can make them feel loved, seen, heard, and not alone. Reaching a helping hand gives a person a fresh perspective about how there’s still beauty around them.

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Showing real kindness takes courage, especially when it comes to strangers. But when you see someone that badly needs your help, do not hesitate to reach out. There’s something about helping strangers that seems more touching and uplifting. It’s the thought that they’re not even your responsibility, yet you quickly showed them kindness. Those gestures can make people smile and inspire others. For this reason, some would voluntarily do things for others as if it were their life mission. RogueRoka asked a question regarding the matter on Reddit. In the post, OP says, “What is your favorite act of kindness to do for a stranger?” Redditors in the comment section have truly contributed to society with their kindness. It’s a touching thread, and here are a few of their answers.

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Holding the Door

Suddenly-Dodo Bird joined the Reddit discussion with the answer, “Being able to hold the door for someone with their hands full is always a fun one.” It might look like the bare minimum, but for strangers such as mothers in grocery stores or an elderly people who can’t open or close the door, it is a big deal. If you’re not a self-absorbed person, you’ll certainly notice the struggle of others. Most people would just let go of the door even when someone is walking behind them. Holding the door for people with a lot on their hands is such an underrated form of kindness.

Complimenting Men

“Reddit has taught me that men get complimented so infrequently, it really sticks with them. I try to compliment men. They always light up,” rlandry8694 wrote. Indeed, sometimes guys need to hear good things about themselves, especially when they lack confidence. Every person needs to know that they are doing well from the perspective of others. Ensure that your words are uplifting and doesn’t sound creepy. People, primarily strangers, tend to misunderstand sudden compliments, so it’s good to carefully choose your timing.

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Kindness in Words

Motivational messages are a powerful form of care — making a mark on the person’s mind and heart. “I love reaching out and messaging people who are going through a hard time. It’s free, and I try to be the best listener I can for as long as they need,” magkozak answered. A lot of people have difficulties with their mental health. It’s not easy to distinguish – that’s why random acts of kindness are important for those with internal battles. Send a message, listen, and be sensitive toward people’s feelings.

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Community Pantry Donations

Not all people are privileged enough to afford their daily needs — even a can of beans is an expensive purchase. That is when generosity can be shown in donating food and sanitary essentials. SailorVenus23 commented, “I buy extra groceries and hygiene products to put in my town’s community pantry. I’ve been doing it for the better part of 3 years; it just feels good to do good.” Hunger and poverty are huge societal issues that need to be given attention. Through your share, you are contributing to the fight against hunger and helping the less fortunate survive.

Giving Directions

Another underrated act of kindness is providing strangers with detailed directions in an unfamiliar place. Some people would just ignore their questions and couldn’t even give a second or minute of their time. Nevertheless, some locals will happily oblige in clarifying confusing directions for strangers. They’d also make sure that you’ll safely arrive at your destination by recommending an accessible mode of transportation. “I’ve always liked giving directions to people who are trying to find something, or are lost,” mymindislikeaseive shared. OP replied to this answer saying, “I love this! I always love meeting people new to town and telling them the best places to grab a bite to eat too or telling them about resources to get to know the area better.”

Doing random acts of kindness for others, including strangers isn’t only good for the community but also your well-being. It’s part of your personal growth — making you realize that others’ needs are as important as yours. You can be part of the solution instead of pulling the community down by being insensitive and self-absorbed. Practice generosity whenever you can. Start at home, in school, or your office — you can even start with yourself.

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