Abused Pit Bull With Missing Snout Inspires People Around The World

It’s hard to fathom someone intentionally hurting an animal, but it’s something that happens far too often.

While it’s not uncommon for rescues to take in dogs with behavior issues from neglectful or abusive homes, sometimes, the abuse goes much deeper and results in the near-death of a pet.


Khaleesi was a young pit bull who spent the first two years of her life being abused and tortured by someone. Thankfully, her abuse came to an end when she was dumped in a stranger’s yard in Florida back in August of 2015.

When Khaleesi was found, she was missing half her face and she couldn’t walk well. It was clear she’d need intensive care and several surgies. While some people would’ve put her down to end her suffering, Passion 4 Pits Rescue decided to take her in and give her the best chance at recovering.

A vet examination revealed Khaleesi was suffering from immobile hind legs and had missing lips and a missing nasal cavity. Beyond that, she was also starving and weighed a mere 20 pounds!

According to Khaleesi’s Facebook page, rescuers believe her injuries were caused slowly over time. In other words, it’s likely that she was deliberately tortured for the first two years of her life.

Because of her condition, Khaleesi required intensive medical care before the rescue could adopt her out.

In an interview with ABC News, Stephanie Paquin, founder of Passion 4 Pits Rescue, said: “It’s going to be at least six months of surgery before we can issue an adoption. Our focus is on getting her a nasal cavity because she’s in danger of aspirating whenever she eats or drinks something.”

Thankfully, the rescue was able to get the donations needed for Khaleesi to begin facial reconstruction surgery.

Less than a month after she was rescued, Khaleesi underwent surgery to have a “nose” placed and it was a massive success! Her Facebook page wrote, “Ladies and gentleman….I present to you the new nose of Queen Khalessi!!!”

Though Khaleesi suffered greatly at at the hands of people, she didn’t let the abuse bring her down. Paquin said, “It shocks me every day that I can see how happy she is and how she just wants attention.”

Khaleesi sadly passed away in 2016 from kidney failure.

While her time on earth was short, she inspired thousands of people around the world with her perseverance and positive attitude in life. She became somewhat of a poster child for abused animals and made a massive impact on those around her.

Rest in peace sweet Khaleesi.

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