Kentucky Animal Shelter in Dire Need of Volunteer Dog Walkers, Be a Hero Today!

Shelters across the country have made no secret of the dire straits they’re in this year with overcrowding, higher prices for supplies, and animals facing euthanasia. Their stories have made the news as websites and local stations share their concerns on social media asking for help. While you may not have the room or money to help them, there is one thing you can do: volunteer! Shelters would be so grateful and smaller rescues couldn’t do anything without people like you.

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Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

So, what do they need help with? Just about everything! The problem is, all of the surrenders that are occurring in the U.S. have made it near impossible for dogs to get their exercise, and an unexercised dog is a pent-up dog that often turns anxious or destructive — and sometimes both. A shelter in Kentucky knows all about that, and they need assistance with their workload NOW.

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Kentucky Shelter Needs Help

The Daviess County Animal Shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky, was just in the news for the simple matter of a lack of volunteers to help them with dog-walking duties. The problem is that it’s not a simple matter. Kentucky can get a tad chilly during the winter, so volunteering can take a hit. The shelter realized this winter that staff and volunteers were in over their heads with just five to six regular dog walkers to lighten the load.

When bored, even the most well-mannered pups will act up.

“To me, this is like dog jail, except they didn’t do anything to get here, so I feel like we owe it to them to give them walks,” explained Deborah Board, a longtime volunteer at the shelter. “Plus, you get more than you give. You can love on the dogs, but they’ll love on you way more than you love on them.”

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Make a Difference, Volunteer

You don’t have to live in Kentucky to make a difference through volunteer work. While DCAS could surely use your kind-hearted assistance if you live nearby, volunteering with shelter animals in general anywhere in the U.S. or around the globe is one of the best things you can offer animals in need in your community.

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Rescue, Foster, Volunteer

Regardless of where you call home, consider volunteering at your local shelter or rescue. Another gift you can give the facility and its residents is the gift of fostering. There are no long-term commitments involved, and any time you get an animal out of a shelter — even if it’s just for a few hours — it reduces the animal’s stress levels. Which brings up another option: check an animal out for an hour, an afternoon, overnight, or even for the weekend. You can absolutely do that at animal rescue facilities.

Call your local rescues or nearby shelters today to find out how you can help.

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