Keeping Pets Through Financial Hardship is Easier Than You Think

This week in the news, there were no less than three stories published about dogs chucked off bridges or into rivers as if they were garbage — and it’s only Tuesday. This senseless crime (and it is a crime) of abandoning animals in cruel and unusual ways has been on an uptick of late, and some people are worried it’s happening due to economic hardship. While no excuse is good enough for this kind of behavior, there are ways for people to keep their pets with them, even during difficult times.

Resources for Pet Owners

Most urban areas have a shelter or rescue that can help with things like food, pet supplies, and even free or low-cost veterinary care for those who qualify. And when it comes to food and pet supplies, most don’t require proof of hardship. Take Tucson, Arizona, for instance. Located in Southern Arizona’s Pima County, the county-run Pima Animal Care Center (aka PACC) frequently holds drives where local residents can donate food and pet-related items. These same foodstuffs and supplies are then available to the public via regularly-scheduled drive-thru events on weekends.

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Keeping Families & Pets Together

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona participates in the same types of events, alleviating the financial barriers to pet ownership for many. In fact, PACC’s policy they’re trying to get across is that it’s actually more cost-efficient and better for the owner and the animals if they stay together rather than surrendering them to overcrowded shelters. This attitude is increasingly vital for facilities trying to achieve 100 percent no-kill status.

Animal Welfare

In one of the stories this week, a dog named Daisy was fortunate enough to be rescued after an eyewitness to the horrific event called the police to report what they’d seen. Occurring in Florida, authorities, including an animal welfare official, were able to climb down a steep embankment to retrieve the dazed pup. What’s most mind-blowing is that it happened within a short drive from the local shelter.

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Adopt, Don’t Shop

Officials with Orange County Animal Services stated, “There are literally hundreds of private rescues that would be willing to take in a sweet and gentle dog for foster or adoption, and yet someone chose instead to commit this act of cruelty.” Fortunately for Daisy, she was almost instantly adopted once the word got out about her harrowing experience, but not all stories wrap up this quickly or end this well.

Pitbulls Get a Bad Rap

Without going into great detail, leaving you sleepless and angry, all six dogs from the three stories were bull terriers. Often unfairly maligned, these dogs are frequently the No. 1 canine in animal shelters and rescues due to reckless overbreeding and a lack of responsible spay and neuter practices. You can help change that by adopting, not shopping for pets, and encouraging others to do the same.

If you find yourself in financial straits, remember that help is just a browser search away from a local institution that’s got your back when it comes to keeping your pets.

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