People Can’t Get Over How Huge Kangaroos Are

What is it that comes to your mind when you think about kangaroos?

More than likely, you think about creatures that hop around Down Under and make great cartoon characters.

In reality, however, kangaroos are some very strong animals and they have the “guns” to prove it. Most people are rather disturbed when they see how big a full-grown kangaroo can be.

Photo: TikTok/@jayprehistoricpets

Thanks to Jay Brewer and his TikTok channel, more people have the opportunity to see these hoppers on an up close and personal level. In fact, one particular video showed the massive arms of one kangaroo and the video went almost instantly viral.

In the clip, Jay is trying to show off the massive biceps of his kangaroo friend when the ‘roo grabs hold of him. It doesn’t look good for Jay but thankfully, there is a fence between them that keeps him from getting a sound thrashing.

Photo: TikTok/@jayprehistoricpets

Jay may have been slightly freaked out over the encounter but he still has the peace of mind to keep the video rolling. He just tells the kangaroo how strong he is and points out the sheer size of his huge arms.

By this point, the kangaroo has one of the arms wrapped around Jay’s back but he was able to back up and away from the marsupial. It’s a good thing because it seemed to be going in a very bad direction.

Photo: TikTok/@jayprehistoricpets

When the video was uploaded, he captioned it: “The kangaroos in Texas seem to be even bigger than the ones in Australia.”

The commenters came on and quickly agreed with Jay. There were also some who were concerned about how close he got to the obviously jacked animal.

@jayprehistoricpets The kangaroos in Texas are bigger and meaner 😂 #kangaroo #animals #texas ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Like many people, you may be wondering why he had such massive arms. One commenter from Down Under let us know that older kangaroos use their arms more to get about because they can’t hop as easily. It looks like they are doing pushups, which is why their arms are so developed.

They also have sharp claws but they don’t use them very often. It’s a good thing because Jay could have been in a world of hurt if this ‘roo decided to take things to the next level.

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