Guardian Dog Protects Goats From “Evil” Fence That Shocks Them

An Anatolian shepherd dog named Kaan carefully looks over his herd, but he goes out of his way to keep them safe from the “evil” electric fence that threatens to shock them.

According to the American Kennel Club, Anatolian shepherd dogs are “rugged, imposing flock guardians of ancient lineage.” They’re known for being protective and territorial, but also intelligent, patient, and profoundly loyal.

Photo: TikTok/@charchar.binx0

It seems those are just the traits Kaan displays, as he watchfully tends to his herd.

The Kentucky-based pup lives with other dogs and they’re responsible for taking care of the family’s goats. One thing Kaan is especially careful of is the electric fence. He knows just how painful the fence can be ever since witnessing one of his goats being shocked.

Photo: TikTok/@charchar.binx0

TikTok user Charlene, who goes by @charchar.binx0 on the app, shared a video of Kaan’s reaction the fence.

She wrote, “A couple years ago a goat found the electric fence while grazing too close to this post. It was the first time it clicked for him. The fence hurt the goat. What how quick he reacts.”

Photo: TikTok/@charchar.binx0

In the video, you can see Kaan walking along the fence line and cautiously sniffing the electric fence part. You can then see the dog in action, quickly moving goats away from the fence the moment they get too close.

It’s clear that Kaan takes his job seriously.

If you want to see Kaan in action for yourself, check out the video below:

@charchar.binx0 Replying to @rosyjennings The fence is our favorite enemy. #livestockguardiandogs ♬ original sound – Charlene

You can see more of Kaan and his family on TikTok, @charchar.binx0.

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