K9 Wows Audience With Impressive Tactical Skills

I think we could all agree that dogs are amazing but some dogs are going to take things to a new level. That is especially true of the dog that has been trained as a K9 with a handler.

We get to see it firsthand in this video, and it is of a K9 that works with Spain’s official Guardia Civil.

Photo: Instagram/@police.dog

He wants to show us what a dog is supposed to do when they are in position and approaching a suspicious vehicle.

The dog is working along with his police officer handler as they crouch to the ground and inch their way along to the vehicle.

Photo: Instagram/@police.dog

As the man moves, the dog moves right along with him. They are approaching two SWAT officers who have riot shields and the dog moves between the arms of the officers.

When there are shots fired, the K9 immediately springs into action and runs to the white van and leaps through the open window.

Photo: Instagram/@police.dog

I’m sure that it took many hours to train the dog to do this, but he is now able to do it effortlessly.

Check out the video below to see the dog in action for yourself:

Many of the people who saw the video and commented were saying how impressed they were with the integrity that this dog showed. They also were impressed with the police officer, who obviously spent a lot of time with the dog.

Guardia Civil is Spain’s oldest law enforcement agency and part of their national police force. Pictures are regularly shared of the dogs along with the human officers on the social media page.

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