Monumental Flight Lands In Wisconsin Carrying Over 80 Shelter Pets

On July 18, 77 dogs and 7 cats left overcrowded shelters in Louisiana and boarded a Greater Good Charities’ Good Flight, sponsored by The Animal Rescue Site, to Wisconsin.

This special flight not only celebrated The Animal Rescue Site’s 21st anniversary of helping animals but it also included the 10,000th pet passenger. In just two years, Good Flights has flown 10,000 shelter pets to safety.

Peatie, a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix, is the lucky 10,000th passenger and his crate was appropriately decorated. Greater Good Charities posted, “Our 10,000th pet transported to safety through this program is on his way to the shelter to rest up a bit before being available for adoption. We’re sure this sweet boy will find the perfect loving forever home in no time!”

All the pets were welcomed by smiling faces and open arms in Wisconsin. Do you remember sweet Mia? The 5-year-old German shorthair pointer was surrendered because her previous family didn’t have time for her. She will get a second chance to find a loving family who will give her the time and affection she deserves.

Colima, who was brutally attacked and survived, left her painful past behind her and is ready to find someone to love.

Dogs and cats of all ages and sizes were saved on this flight, but none of this would have been possible without your generous donations – so thank you! The dogs send kisses and the cats purr loudly in appreciation.

Every month, The Animal Rescue Site sponsors a Flight to Freedom with our non-profit partner Greater Good Charities. Highly adoptable dogs and cats at-risk of euthanasia due to lack of space are saved and flown to shelters with open kennels and adopters waiting to meet them.

Learn how you can donate towards the fuel cost of next month’s flight here.

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