3-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Runs 160 Races Across The Country To Spread Awareness

A woman from California has battled breast cancer multiple times, but has never let it stop her from doing what she loves.

Three-time breast cancer survivor, Judy Pickett, has run 160 races across America to advocate for breast cancer awareness. She has made it her goal to run 5ks in all 50 states, and so far has accomplished that in 46 of them.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Pickett was diagnosed with breast cancer 25 years ago when she was just 33 years old after initially being misdiagnosed with an infected lymph node. She had just had a baby and had mastitis, so doctors wrote off her cancer as an infection.

“I was, you know, 33 and women my age weren’t supposed to get breast cancer, so I had to fight to get a mammogram which led to a biopsy which led to the diagnosis,” Pickett told ABC St. Louis.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

After beating her cancer, she decided to take her love for running and start doing it for a good cause. She ran her first race in 1998 in Sacramento called “the Race for the Cure.”

Every single race she chooses to run benefits breast cancer, and many of them are sponsored by foundations that offer programs and support to those battling cancer, those who beat it, and their families.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Hear more of Pickett’s inspiring story in the video below:

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