Get to Know the Grumpy Personality Behind This Judgmental Face

With all the memes and videos shared by pet parents, everyone has a common understanding that felines judge humanity. Despite their adorable eyes, cute paws, and fluffy fur, they are known as aloof creatures. They seem uninterested in those around them, yet they pay attention to misbehavior. Once they find something they disapprove of, felines hiss or angrily meow toward their object of dislike. Although they act that way, cats can still express love and care for their humans. Some felines might rarely do it, but deep down, they are soft little kitties. If you’re a cat parent, you may get a few scratches here and there, but love still remains.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

There are many internet-famous cats who are known for their remarkable quirks and traits. Scooby is one of those cats, and he is known for having a judgmental face and aversion to misbehavior. His pet parents might have named him after Scooby, but he surely gives off Scar vibes. Nicole, the cat mom, shared the feline’s story in an interview with GeoBeats Animals. She funnily mentioned that Scooby does not look like any other cat — he was described as a combination of a fruit bat and a gremlin. “We actually call him Halloween cat in the house because he’s constantly arching his back and just sitting in corners and looking a little creepy.” Nicole shared.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

It’s also wonderful when they can speak with Scooby, who replies like an actual person. The cat really has a lot of quirks that you’d find hilarious rather than terrifying. Nicole even shared Scooby’s daily routine, which implied that he is definitely living the best life. Part of that routine is talking to one another and giving attention to the grumpy feline. “If he’s not getting a hundred percent attention every time he is in the room, he will do whatever he can to change that, whether it’s screaming, or jumping on top of cabinets or fighting with the other animals,” the fur momma said.

Aside from the looks, he is villainously smart as well. Scooby knows how to open doors by himself, especially when he wants to see everyone’s presence. Behind the judgmental and Disney-villain-looking face, the cat loves to be cuddled and held by his favorite humans. It even comes to the point that Scooby will be at the front door whenever Nicole gets back home, ready to scold her. Nicole thinks the feline was making some points that focus entirely on, “How dare you to leave home?” That is one of the things that Scooby disapproves of, but it isn’t just humans — dogs are on his list, too.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Nicole mentioned the things that tick Scooby off and how his meow changes according to his annoyance level. Although they live with a strict feline, Scooby is well-loved at home. He’s a famous cat with over 47k followers on Instagram. Scooby is proof that the exceptional personality of cats makes them more adorable and lovable. He’s a sweet and intelligent cat that deserves all the cuddles in the world and is entitled to angrily meow about his pet peeves.

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