Beauty Vlogger Opens Up About Applying Make Up While Being Paralyzed

Mastering make up is something few people achieve in their lives. It takes a lot of work and time, but there are some people who make it look easy and effortless – namely, beauty vloggers.

Things aren’t always as they seem though, and sometimes even the most curated channels have deep challenges behind them.

One beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Jordan Bone, got her start on YouTube back in 2010. After uploading videos for a few years, she came forward with the truth: She’d been hiding a big part of her life from the Internet.

Photo: YouTube/Jordan Bone

Bone took to YouTube to explain that she had become a tetraplegic after a car accident that left her hands unable to move, open, or close.

She said she often gets comments on videos about her hands, but she’d never fully explained why they were the way they were before.

Photo: YouTube/Jordan Bone

Her lack of function in her hands makes makeup application incredibly difficult. In fact, it took Bone a lot of trial, error, tears, and practice to get to the point that she could apply a full face and make it look great.

“Being able to do my makeup good enough to show you guys has been a massive achievement for me,” she explained.

Photo: YouTube/Jordan Bone

Not only did she overcome her challenges but she learned to excel in the beauty realm. She said that she can’t do her hair or get dressed by herself, so being able to do her own makeup gives her something that she can do and own for herself.

Check out Bone’s inspiring video below:

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