100 Lost Sheep Hope to Find Their Way Back Home by Following a Jogger

A woman who wanted to enjoy jogging in tranquility suddenly found herself with unexpected company!

Sheep, and not just one but a hundred of them!

It seems that the whole flock has lost its way, and they could not find their shepherd to lead them back home. Instead, what they saw was a jogger who appeared like a trustworthy herder to follow.

Photo: Facebook Video/LADbible

And so she jogged and jogged with the sheep relentlessly following in hope that she would lead them to their home or at least a green pasture.

But what they did not know was that the woman was as confused as they were about what to do with these 100 lost sheep!

Well, the real shepherd of those lost sheep should have no difficulty in searching for all of them, for it is harder to find one lost sheep than one whole flock! We hope they found their shepherd shortly after this hilarious video was filmed!

Photo: Facebook Video/LADbible

And while this story is waiting for its happy ending, let us learn more fascinating facts about sheep:

  1. Sheep have rectangular pupils like goats, horses, and deer. These horizontally elongated pupils enable these animals to see almost all around them, front, behind, left, and right. It is an advantage for these grazing animals to spot predators easily and make their escape with a clearer image of the ground.
  2. Photo: Facebook Video/LADbible
  3. Sheep communicate through smell. These amazing animals have scent glands in front of their eyes and between the digits of their hooves, which they also use in communicating with one another.
  4. There are more than 1,000 breeds of sheep and some of them, like the Hebridean and Navajo-Churro, can grow up to six horns. Meanwhile, the Racka sheep have long, spiral horns.
  5. Sheep are also known to self-medicate, using herbs and other plants to treat or prevent diseases — knowledge that they share with their lambs.

Also, sheep are very intelligent animals. They can recognize more than 50 faces, including human faces. And so, nothing to worry about with the lost 100 sheep. They will find their shepherd in time!

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