Disabled Father Brings Daughter to Tears With Change And A Note In A Pill Bottle

Jim Porterfield of Katy, Texas had a life-changing experience in 1981. According to GoFundMe, as a result of a head-on collision with a drunk driver, he struggled through 13 surgeries and was in a coma for six weeks.

Doctors were not sure if he would wake up from his coma, as the injuries were so severe. Even after he did wake up, he had seizures and short-term memory loss as a result of a head injury and he almost had his arm amputated because of the injuries.

Photo: GoFundMe

Although he was able to keep his arm, he cannot use his dominant hand and still struggles to walk.

Through it all, Jim has been a very devoted and loving father to his children, Krista, Trisha, Morgan, and Evan. He also has grandchildren that he cares for as well.

In order to let the world know what her father was capable of doing, his daughter, Morgan, went on Twitter to post something that is touching hearts around the world. She spoke about how her father has always been there for her to take her fishing and to do what he could and they have had a lot of blessings in life.

Photo: GoFundMe

Perhaps one of the things she appreciated most was his sense of humor. In her estimation, he was “the funniest guy I know and has THE BEST DAD JOKES.”

The Texas Rehabilitation Commission has helped him to have employment for the past three decades. According to 11Alive, she admits that they lived paycheck to paycheck but they always had plenty of food and a roof over their heads.

Something interesting that Morgan noticed about her father is the fact that he was saving some pocket change. She didn’t think much about it at the time, but she came home to find something one day that moved her to tears.

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One thing that Morgan and her father share is coffee. They both love it, but she had to cut back on it because times were tough. One day, however, she came home and found a pill bottle with a note and pocket change inside.

That is when she learned that her father had been gathering change for a few days and he wrote the note, dating it and letting her know that it was coffee money from him.

She said on Twitter: “I had noticed him saving his pocket change for a while, and in no way did it surprise me that he didn’t spend it on himself, and I don’t think he will ever understand how special this gesture is to me.”

Many people came forward after she posted on Twitter to talk about their parents and the sacrifices they made as well.

They also got help from one of the sisters to set up a GoFundMe account and have raised over $23,000 to help with the family expenses.

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