Jeremy Renner Is Back On His Feet Following His Near-Death Snow Plow Accident

Several months ago, Jeremy Renner suffered a terrible snow plow accident. Unfortunately, he shared on Instagram that the snowplow ran over him and broke 30 bones in his body.

He also suffered from blunt chest trauma and had to go through two surgeries.

Although Renner may have gone through a lot, he still shows his ability to overcome some difficult times.

Just before three months passed after the accident, he posted a video on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter/@JeremyRenner

The video is of him walking on an antigravity treadmill. He wrote that he had to find other things to occupy his time so his body could recover.

When you compare the post on Twitter with the picture he took two days after the accident and shared on Instagram, it really shows you just how far he’s come.

In between the two pictures, he shared yet another photo of when he was going through physical therapy.

Most of us are familiar with Renner because of his action movies. We know that he is a superhero in the movies, but after recovering from such a horrific accident, he shows he is a hero in real life as well.

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