Jeremy Renner Credits 10-Year-Old Daughter For “Healing” Him Following Snowplow Accident

It’s been around three months since Jeremy Renner was crushed under a snow plow on New Year’s Day, and he’s crediting his daughter, Ava, for healing fast.

In a recent Instagram story, Renner paid a tribute to his daughter, wishing her a happy 10th birthday.

Photo: Flickr/Eva Rinaldi License: CC BY-SA 2.0

In the story, he wrote: “Happy 10th birthday to you!!!! So very proud of you in every way. Your hugs and your love have healed me so incredibly fast. I stand up for you, and I am stronger than before because of you. I am your father, I am your protector, and I am only yours.”

The actor, well known for his role as Hawkeye among others, was pulled under his snowplow while trying to stop it and subsequently crushed. He shared on Instagram that the accident left him with 30 plus broken bones and barely clinging to life.

While Renner still has a long road ahead of him before being fully healed, he’s made great strides over the past few months.

In late March, just days before sharing his birthday tribute to Ava, Renner shared an update of his health progress on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter/@JeremyRenner

In the video, you can see Renner walking on a special treadmill designed to help support his weight.

Despite not holding his whole weight, seeing him on his feet again is promising!

Just 12 weeks ago, Renner shared in an emotional Instagram post that he’s “too messed up now to type.”

To go from that to walking in a matter of weeks is pretty incredible.

Hopefully he’ll continue to recover and grow stronger every day.

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