Senior Dog Missing For 7 Years Is Found Abandoned In Hotel Room

Road officers for Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, responded to a call regarding an abandoned dog who had been left behind in a hotel room.

When officers arrived, they discovered a senior dog who could barely walk due to severe arthritis.

She was extremely sweet and gentle and allowed officers to bring her back to the shelter.

Staff immediately fell in love with the dog, named Jazzy, but knew it would be difficult to find a home for her due to her condition and age.

“People line up outside our doors for puppies and small dogs,” the shelter wrote, “seniors always get overlooked and ignored.”

Luckily, they wouldn’t have to find a home for Jazzy because she already had one!

They scanned her for a microchip, and the information came back to a family in Texas. They immediately called the family, who was in complete disbelief to hear that Jazzy had been found.

It turns out that Jazzy went missing after she got spooked by fireworks seven years ago. She is 12 years old and was just five years old when she ran away.

Her family searched for her day in and day out, but to no avail. After seven years, they still hoped they’d see their beloved pup again one day, and their prayers have finally been answered.

Kerry, Jazzy’s owner, immediately jumped on a plane from Texas to Florida to reunite with his long lost pup.

It’s unknown how Jazzy ended up in a different state or the kind of life she had lived while she was missing from her family, but what really matters now is that Jazzy is finally home where she belongs.

Kerry was in tears after finally seeing Jazzy, and Jazzy definitely remembered him. She licked his hand over and over and got as close to him as possible.

“Our staff and volunteers have to endure heartache and heartbreak every day. Every now and then though, we get to watch something like this, and it makes every minute worth it,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “If we could bottle this type of love and give it to every adopter, we would. If we could write a happy ending like this for every one of our animals, we would. All we can do is our best. To get them all seen, and get them all home. Like Jazzy.”

Hear more of Jazzy’s story and see their reunion in the video below:

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