Miracle Teen Relearning To Walk After Being Struck By Lightning

Life can change in a second – for better, or for worse. Just ask the Brewer family.

Back in July 2020, Jacob Brewer was on a family vacation in Florida with his sister, Ashely, and their parents. They were enjoying the second day of vacation when tragedy struck and permanently changed all of their lives forever.

Photo: YouTube/Jeremiah Brewer
Photo: YouTube/Jeremiah Brewer

You see, the family was leaving Siesta Key Beach in Florida because they noticed a storm moving in. According to his story on Caring Bridge, they had just got up to leave when a lightning bolt struck 15-year-old Jacob right in the chest.

At first, the family didn’t realize what had happened, but they knew something was seriously wrong. Jacob was on the ground foaming at the mouth and his family started calling for help until some men ran over and started CPR.

Photo: YouTube/Jeremiah Brewer

The chest compressions didn’t work and eventually, an ambulance came and hauled Jacob’s lifeless body from the beach to the hospital.

Despite being without a pulse for close to an hour, Jacob somehow managed to pull through and survive the lightning strike. And since then, he’s been on the long and slow road to recovery.

Photo: YouTube/Jeremiah Brewer
Photo: YouTube/Jeremiah Brewer

It’s been more than two years and Jacob has come a long way. He’s still learning to walk and talk, but the fact that he’s alive at all is a miracle.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Jacob’s progress and recovery on his dad’s YouTube channel here.

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