Impoverished Iowa Community Gets Much-Needed Pet Food Pantry And Has Stocked Shelves Thanks To Your Support

When it comes to rescuing and caring for homeless and surrendered animals it takes a team of dedicated and compassionate individuals and a lot of support and help from people near and far.

One animal rescue in Muscatine, Iowa understands the power of community and how, “working together we can be a force of goodness and positive change in the world of animal welfare.”

The rescue is appropriately named “It Takes A Village Animal Rescue and Resources“. In the two short years they have been in operation, they have found loving homes for over 700 homeless pets.

But that’s not all…

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

They believe (like we do) in amplifying the good through their work. In addition to saving the lives of homeless pets, they just opened a Pet Care Pantry to feed and care for pets in the community, have an on-site spay and neuter clinic, held free vaccine and microchipping clinics, continue to feed hungry animals in the community, spay and neuter stray and feral cats, and much more.

Greater Good Charities and The Animal Rescue Site were glad to lend a helping hand (thanks to your support and daily clicks) in the form for a GOODS grant and provide much-needed essentials and some fun extras to fill the shelves of their newly opened pet food pantry.

Jennifer DeFosse, Director of Public Relations, said they started the food pantry at the shelter because they are located in a poor community and saw a way to help feed pets and keep them with their families.

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

She told us, “We opened our pet food pantry last month because we don’t want any animal going hungry and we know that studies show the many physical and psychological benefits to pet ownership. We firmly believe those benefits shouldn’t be reserved for people of privilege. The only other pet food pantry in our city is a once-a-month event. We appreciate that the resource exists, but we know that people need help more than once a month, so we’re very glad to be able to fill that gap with a pantry that’s open 365 days a year.”

Their pantry is also unique in that they don’t ask questions and anyone who shows up in need of pet food and supplies will be helped. It is open seven days a week from 2-4 p.m. and simply ask that people bring their own reusable container for pet food to minimize plastic waste.

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

“One thing I think people don’t always realize is that it’s hard work being poor. Everything is a struggle, you’re always given the minimum when you receive help, there’s always endless paperwork and hurdles,” Jennifer shared.

“They leave with not just the bare minimum… not just a bag of dog food, but beautiful, useful, quality items to enrich the lives of their pet- that’s the kind of thing that really makes the difference in a person’s life. We’re so grateful for you because this program enriches the lives of animals, but it changes the lives of their humans as well.”

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

All of the items are already being put to good use. The summer-themed toys are a huge hit and low-income families are thrilled to finally have nail trimmers. Two elderly women arrived and left with tears of joy in their eyes and arms full of supplies for their beloved pets.

Jennifer shared a story about a devastated woman who was about to surrender her dogs because she couldn’t afford the rising cost of pet food, but the story has a happy ending. Check out the video below for the full story.

Your generous donations have made the day of countless pets and their humans. Learn more about the GOODS program here.

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

Thanks to Jennifer and It Takes A Village Animal Rescue and Resources for sharing the good news. Together we CAN change the world!

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