Bonded Cuties Irwen and Elenor are a Sweet Pair to Draw to — Adopt Them Now!

Check out two of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, bonded pair Irwen and Elenor! Both cats love to play, greet, and cuddle with their human at every opportunity, and they’re hoping that person will soon be you! In the meantime, they’re waiting for you and their together furever home over at Purrfect Pals Sanctuary in Arlington, Washington. Like all of the rescue’s felines, Irwen and Elenor are spayed, microchipped, viral tested, and vaccinated. In other words, they’re ready to roll!

Photo: Purrfect Pals Sanctuary

Irwen’s Background

Irwen is a young domestic shorthair who’s house-trained and good with children, but she’d prefer a home without dogs or other cats — except for Elenor, of course. Irwen has been diagnosed with mild to moderate cerebellar hypoplasia, but she does very well in homes with stairs and hard floors. Her only real concession is that she benefits from the use of a high-sided litter box for stability when she goes potty.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, cerebellar hypoplasia — also known as CH or wobbly cat syndrome — is a neurological disorder that can cause sudden jerky movements, uncoordinated motion, and loss of balance. The condition does not get worse with time, but there is no known cure or proven treatment for wobbly cat syndrome at this point.

A common misconception is that felines with this condition may be in pain. But according to vets, cats and kittens with CH can lead normal, happy, and healthy existences. It does not shorten their life expectancy one bit, and many kitty cats with it adapt quite well to their disability.

As you can see from Irwen’s photo, she’s got the telltale Mother Mary M on her forehead, denoting a tabby background. She certainly is a beauty and would make a wonderful addition to the family.

Photo: Purrfect Pals Sanctuary


Elenor is also a domestic short hair that is house-trained and spayed, and she adores Irwen. From her gorgeous coat, she appears to be a torbie, which is a unique combination of a tabby and a tortoiseshell cat. They’re a tad rarer than their cousins. There’s not much information available on Elenor beyond what the opening paragraph provides. But she and Irwen are definitely besties in it for the long haul and want to stick together.

If you are interested in adopting these two delightful gals, please complete a pre-adoption application at Purrfect Pals’ website or email them for more info at

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