UPS Driver Saves 2 Dogs From Swimming Pool While On A Delivery Route

An Iowa UPS driver is being hailed a hero after saving the lives of two dogs while on the clock.

According to WDSU 6 News, the driver, Colin Mitchell, was dropping off a package at the home of Jeff and Rebecca Marra when he spotted two dogs swimming in a pool.

Photo: flickr/Elvert Barnes

The dogs were alone and Mitchell immediately sensed something was off. While some drivers would’ve minded their own business and carried on their route, Mitchell decided to investigate to make sure the dogs were ok to be in the pool, and it’s a good thing he did!

At first, Mitchell tried knocking on the door to see if anyone was home.

According to WDSU News, he said: “I knocked a little louder, rang the doorbell… nothing. And then I just decided it was best to investigate.”

Photo: flickr/Jonathan Cutrer

He walked to the pool area and once he was closer, he saw one dog clinging to the side of the pool while the other was using the solar cover to try and float. It was clear neither dog wanted to be in the pool, so Mitchell didn’t hesitate to help.

He was able to rescue both dogs safe from the water and continued on his route. However, the next day, he stopped by the family’s house to check on the two dogs, Groot and Remy.

Photo: flickr/Sonja Lovas

The Marras were shocked and thankful. As 13 ABC Action News reported, the family said the dogs would have been stuck in the pool for at least another three hours if it wasn’t for Mitchell.

With three more hours in the water, it’s unclear what the outcome would’ve been, but one thing is certain: Mitchell is a true hero!

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