What Would It Look Like If The International Space Station Hovered Over Earth?

Most of us will never get to see outer space. Unless we’re like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, we probably won’t ever get that opportunity to jet off into the inky blackness that surrounds us.

While space might sound like a dark and lonely place, there’s actually quite a lot to see in it.

Photo: PXHERE/Felix Mittermeier

Besides planets and other celestial bodies, there are quite a bit of human-built items just floating around up there that only very few of us will ever get to see.

Besides tons of satellites orbiting our planet, we’ve also got the International Space Station hanging out there right above our planet.

Photo: Flickr/National Center for Advancing Translational Sc License: Creative Commons Public Domain

It’s something we’ll never see with the naked eye, or even with a regular telescope. But how cool would it be if we could just look up in the sky and there it is?

Well, Benjamin Granville of Airplane Mode decided to give us a look at what it would be like if the International Space Station happened to hover above the Earth at 10,000 feet – the same altitude as small aircraft.

Photo: YouTube/Airplane Mode

The insight also included what it would look like to be in the International Space Station’s perspective. This really cool idea was done by Granville using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As he explained on YouTube, “ISS Flyby at 10,000ft (3,000 meters) in Microsoft Flight Simulator…It takes 90 minutes for the ISS to orbit Earth at this speed.”

Watch the video down below:

What would you think about seeing the International Space Station? Let us know!

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