Golden Retriever Gently Comforts Family’s Disabled 4-Year-Old Daughter

Bringing home a new dog can be so exciting, but not without challenges. Just like people, dogs take time to adjust to a new home and new people and you can never be sure how they might settle in.

When Cassidy Croot’s family welcomed home a golden retriever named Indie, there were a lot of factors to consider to make the transition smooth.

For starters, Cassidy had another dog in the home that Indie would have to meet and get used to. But she also had a special needs daughter.

Photo: TikTok/@goldenindiejoe

Introducing dogs to kids can be stressful, but Indie seemed to have an innate knowledge of how he should act.

Cassidy shared on TikTok, “Indie is new to our family, but he treats our special needs daughter so gentle. She is 4 and has a genetic disorder, but loves dog. We all love this boy so much and he is the best dog.”

Photo: TikTok/@goldenindiejoe

Cassidy shared on TikTok that the young girl, Brynn, has hypomyelinating leukodystrophies and she doesn’t “walk, talk, sit, or stand like other children.”

Needless to say, it helps her to have a gentle, understanding dog around and that’s exactly what Indie provides.

Photo: TikTok/@goldenindiejoe

Cassidy started sharing videos of the two together on social media and their interactions are melting hearts around the world. Indie is just so sweet and gentle with Brynn and the two have formed a beautiful bond.

Check out the sweet videos below:

@goldenindiejoe Caught this cuteness in 4K this morning #dogtok #goldenretriever #MakeADogsDay #myfinALLYmoment #goldenretrieverlife ♬ You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Anthem Lights
@goldenindiejoe Brynn & Indie being cute this morning 🥰 #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #dogtok #ASOSChaoticToCalm #goldensoftiktok ♬ Puppy Love – Snikka

You can see more of Indie and Brynn on TikTok, @goldenindiejoe, and on Instagram, @golden.indiejoe.

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