Do You Remember These Iconic Commercials?

Since the beginning of television advertising in 1941, millions of commercials have been released on national TV and worldwide. Creating commercials has got to be the most brilliant way to promote a service or a product. The magic of it is that people still remember it after years. It’s marked and sealed in people’s minds — making them feel nostalgic for a particular time and year in their life. Commercials connect people most interestingly, especially if it has remarkable details. No matter what year it was released, people of that generation can still start a conversation about it — even today.

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On Reddit, people have started threads of conversations sharing the most memorable commercials for them. The thread began when No-Caterpillar4212 posted the question on Reddit. It was a fun and nostalgic interaction between strangers. They made comments on what made the advertisement iconic. As they answered the question, “What’s a commercial you’ll never forget?” they were taken back to their childhood, teenage years, and early adult life. Maybe you remember the commercials they mentioned. Here are the answers that gained a considerable amount of upvotes.

Life Alert

MisterFives commented about this commercial on the thread. He received 80+ replies and 9k upvotes. According to the Reddit user, “I still giggle at the LifeAlert “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” commercials. They even have a newer batch of them out.” The reply thread was a mixture of sharing their favorite lines and how essential Life Alert is for senior citizens. Life Alert made a commercial that was built on awareness and care. It was an excellent combination of funny and informative.

Tootsie Roll Pop

The commercial that made the world wonder, together with the kid in the animated commercial, was Tootsie Roll Pop. TabitaTwitchet only commented the lines which say, “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” That line gained her 10.8k upvotes and over 70 replies. It was a memorable TV advertisement because of the adorable content and the iconic line, “The world may never know” — who in the world knows the answer?

Taco Bell

The commercial’s chihuahua has made people believe that he was searching for his lovely lady. However, in the end, it was revealed that he was pursuing a different love. He was on the way to get some tacos. The chihuahua had a voice-over saying, “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” User moon-prism-power5 shared this on the thread, which started a conversation about Taco Bell’s series of commercials.

The Clapper

With its catchy jingle, the clapper commercial is still remembered after its release in 1986. Ransom0374 made many people reminisce with the comment, “CLAP ON CLAP OFF… THE CLAPPER” — the song automatically plays in your head. Music is a huge factor in why commercials become relevant and can strongly make you feel nostalgic. People were reminded of the innovative function of the clapper and how it became a massive part of advertising history.


The beer commercial made many people laugh with the hilarious exchange of wassup in the commercial. “The Budweiser Wassup Commercial refuses to exit my brain to this day,” Humblebee89 shared. You’ll definitely say wassup after watching the advertisement. According to jhagen13, it was a reference to a humorous scene in Scary Movie. No-Caterpillar4212 even replied and pointed out, “Hahah! Picking up another landline and hearing the conversation is a thing of the past now.” The Budweiser commercial can definitely make you remember not one but two things from the year 2000.

1-800 Contacts

Do you still know the man who shouted “My Brand” out of joy? RadiatedEarth reminded people on Reddit how iconic that line was, and many memes were born from it. Reddit users on the reply section shared that they still get a good laugh when they say the line “My Brand!” and “Look with your special eyes.” Those lines were hilariously delivered and became a reference to various jokes. That is one intelligent way of endorsing — courtesy of 1-800 Contacts.

Old Spice

The details in the Old Spice commercial were all highly remarkable. From the handsome Isaiah Mustafa to the fantastic transition of scenes, the advertising team deserves to be applauded. Kasiation received a lot of replies from this answer: “Anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. I’m on a horse.” The reply section was filled with compliments for Old Spice because of having the best commercials with witty taglines. It was legendary that even Sesame Street’s Grover had a version of it.

Go back in time by reading the Reddit thread. Watch each commercial mentioned, especially the ones from your generation. You’ll definitely get a wave of nostalgia. Join the conversation if people haven’t commented about the most memorable one for you. The conversation is still ongoing, and it currently has 20.5k comments. Also, if you are a person who just started her journey with advertising, you can learn a thing or two from the most memorable commercials in the history of television.

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