“Ugly” Rescue Husky With Crooked Smile Finds A Family Who Loves Him

The shelter is no place for a pup to live, but many dogs end up spending months or even years locked in their kennels as people pass them up for “cuter” dogs or young puppies.

A sweet husky named Harvey found himself in that position after he was brought into the San Diego Department of Animal Services Shelter in September of 2022.

Photo: TikTok/@harveyhuskypup

While huskies are a popular and often desired breed, they do require a lot of care and attention to keep up with their energy. Beyond that, Harvey had a practically unique situation.

According to USA Today, the poor husky had a facial deformity that caused his smile to be crooked.

Photo: TikTok/@harveyhuskypup

It’s believed the deformity was caused by a bite to his jaw when he was only a puppy. It’s not something Harvey could help, but many people couldn’t look past his crooked and goofy smile.

That is, however, until a woman from Seattle named Sherry Lankston stumbled upon his photo.

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On Facebook, Sherry explained that Harvey “hadn’t been chosen by ANY shelter visitors for a meet & greet for the entire 6months that he was there… until a wonderful woman at the shelter (Joy) shared his story” on social media.

Thanks to the social media post, Sherry decided that Harvey was the dog for her and she made the 1,300 trip one-way to meet him!

Photo: Facebook/Sherry Lankston

Sherry ended up driving a total of 2,600 miles to adopt Harvey – a special adoption for a special dog.

While he spent months being overlooked, Sherry couldn’t help but fall in love with his unique and adorable face.


how it started!

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You can keep up with Harvey on TikTok, @harveyhuskypup.

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