Husky Breaks Out Of Animal Shelter Kennel And Throws Night-Long Party

A mischievous rescue husky managed to bust out of his kennel late this month and threw an overnight party in the shelter!

The Colbert County Animal Control in Alabama took to Facebook to share about the ordeal.

Photo: Facebook/Colbert County Animal Shelter

They said they’d have a “slight delay” in opening “due to a Husky throwing a party last night in the lobby.”

They said that the dog destroyed the front desk computer, along with various files and paperwork. In addition, he “somehow let 2 dogs out in the back also.” Needless to say, the staff were left with quite the mess to clean up!

The post was accompanied by photos and video evidence of the dog’s destruction.

The shelter director, Charles Corey Speegle, reviewed the building’s security footage to see what exactly happening that night and watched as the husky got into everything!

Photo: Facebook/Charles Corey Speegle

He shared the videos on Facebook so you can see for yourself what a “pawty” the dog had.

In the post, he said that the culprit husky had been identified as a 4-year-old pup named Titan. The dog’s owner had dumped him at the shelter where he was put up for adoption. Charles said that he’s still “up for adoption if anyone has a wonderful home for him. Home must have metal furnishings and deadbolt locks.”

While many people would be put off to adopting such a chaotic and ill-behaved dog, a man named Christopher Davis saw Titan’s destruction as endearing and decided to give the misunderstood husky a second lease on life.

The shelter shared that he was looking for someone to “bust him out of doggy jail” and Davis stepped up to the plate.

The shelter was pleased to share that Titan went home with someone who’s familiar with the breed and what the breed needs.

Since welcoming Titan home just a few days ago, Davis has already spent a lot of money and time with Titan. As he shared in a GoFundMe, the poor dog wasn’t neutered at the shelter so Davis had to pay for that to be done as a responsible pet owner, and then the dog tested positive for heart worms!

Hopefully he’s able to make a full recovery.

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