Adorable Husky-Mix Siblings with Unusual Bandit Eye Markings Need Homes

Puppies are cute regardless, but husky puppies can be outrageously cute — especially when they have distinctive markings. Whether you want to liken them to raccoon-type bandit masks or even Where’s Waldo’s spectacles, Janis and Jerry G have quite a look going on.

While there’s no doubt they’ve got husky in their DNA, Janis, in particular, bears a slight resemblance to a hyena with her ears outlined with black shading, but of course, that’s not the case. She does have a very unique look about her, though.

Janis and Jerry are currently under the guardianship of the Friends of Homeless Animals Shelter in Aldie, Virginia. Just as cute as can be, they are only 3 months old and in need of forever homes. While it would probably tickle them pink to get adopted together, that’s not an issue for the shelter if you can only take one of them.

adoptable husky puppy
Photo: Friends of Homeless Animals

The duo just arrived at FOHA and are still getting the lay of the land. While they are starting to show the staff many of the great things about them, there is still a lot for them to learn, like how the puppies are with other dogs, cats, or kids. They’re babies yet, so they are still quite malleable and should adjust well to the introduction of any of them.

Once FOHA knows more, the staff will update their bios with all of the pertinent details. In the meantime, if you would like to go and meet them, you can always submit an application and the shelter can set up a time for you to get to know one or both of them. They are both in foster care for the time being, so you can’t just do a pop-in at their Goodpuppy Lane address.

As a head’s up, they will need to be spayed/neutered prior to finalization of their adoption, but they’ll go over all of that with you if you’re truly interested in making them a member of your family.

adoptable husky puppy
Photo: Friends of Homeless Animals

Just make sure you familiarize yourself with the breed so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. The shelter has at least seven adult huskies and husky mixes waiting for forever homes now.

The breed has a tendency to end up being surrendered due to a lack of research into their temperament and habits by folks that are more interested in their stuffed bear looks when they’re little.

That’s no way to choose a pet, so do your homework. You never want to adopt irresponsibly.

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