Dramatic Husky Hates Going To The Groomers

My dog was never really a fan of going to the groomers. The entire car ride she’d whimper and whine. But, once she was inside she was okay.

The grooming people always said that she’d whine a bit when it was time for nail trimming, but other than that she was pretty complacent.

Photo: Unsplash/Megan Byers

But then again, my dog was a little cocker spaniel-poodle mix we found at the pound. She wasn’t a husky.

The husky is a dog breed that is known to bring the drama. They’re the ones that give Oscar-worthy performances whenever something vexes them. We’ve all seen at least one dramatic husky video – they’re all over the internet, and they’re quite entertaining too.

Photo: TikTok/@sham_paws

Adding to the hilarious entertainment is the video of Freya, a husky who is not too thrilled about getting pampered at the groomer.

Freya’s owner sent her to the Sham-Paws Self Serve Dog Wash in Placentia, CA, for grooming, but what ensued was pure comedic gold. The establishment managed to video the entire thing and post it to social media. In the video, Freya is being groomed alongside a few other dogs, but no one is making a show quite like Freya.

Photo: TikTok/@sham_paws

The video’s caption reads, “Freya wants all her husky friends to know how much she enjoyed her spa day.”

Check out the hilarious video below:

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What do you think of Freya’s dramatic spa day? Does your husky ever act in a smilier manner? Let us know!

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