Police Find A Starving Husky Dumped In A Garbage Bag And Left To Die

As loving pet parents, we could never even imagine doing something that would harm our furry friends. Even when they are naughty, we give them the benefit of the doubt.

That is why it is such a shock when we hear about dogs being abused. Our heart really goes out to the dog, and we hope the best for them.

Photo: Facebook/AMA Animal Rescue

This recently happened when New York City Police found a garbage bag. When looking inside, they discovered an emaciated and injured husky that was barely alive.

The dog was so covered with wounds and was starving to the point where she could hardly lift her head. They knew that this dog needed help right away, so they called in AMA Animal Rescue.

Photo: Facebook/AMA Animal Rescue

An emergency veterinarian gave the report that the dog, whom they named Nanook only weighed 14 pounds. She had been confined in a small place, as was evident because of pressure wounds on her legs.

She also didn’t have full use of her muscles because they had atrophied. Even though she was only four or five years old, she was barely alive. AMA Animal Rescue shared a video of her weak body attempting to walk on Facebook and it’s heartbreaking to witness:

They knew that it would take some time before Nanook was able to recover. Little did they know that this dog had a strong will to live and would show amazing progress within a month.

In a Facebook post, the rescue said they were impressed with her strength and willpower. Within a few weeks, they shared a video and she was walking.

Photo: Facebook/AMA Animal Rescue

Although she still was unsteady on her feet, it was nothing short of a miracle that she could walk. When you think that she could barely lift her head at first and now she was on her feet, it is incredible.

A few weeks later, she was vaccinated and had gained strength to the point where she could go outside. They said she was curious and excited about all she was seeing.

A month after her rescue, they revealed on Facebook that she is ready to go to a forever home. The fosters exercised her daily and cared for her to the point where she was doing well.

She still wobbles a little when she walks, but with the proper home and care, she will be a beautiful addition to the family for many years to come.

The rescue admits they don’t know how long her recovery will take. The family that adopts Nanook will have to take her to therapy sessions and work with the rescue to ensure she has all she needs.

They also said that she likes being around people but she’s not as comfortable with cats or small animals, including small dogs. She needs some help to learn how to socialize properly.

You can see more about her rescue and recovery in this video:

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