Husky Fosters Tiny Kitten In Adorable Viral Video

A gentle Siberian husky took over “mom duty” for a tiny kitten in an adorable viral video.

The video showcases a dog fostering a little kitten as the two lay outside in the grass.

Photo: YouTube/Myka

When the curious kitten gets up to explore, the husky isn’t far behind and ensures the kitten doesn’t wander too far or get into trouble.

Eventually, the husky carefully grabs the little kitten and brings her back in for a nap.

Vimeo user Adam Bilsing shared the video with the caption, “Wolfmother.”

Photo: YouTube/Myka

“And we were worried…,” Adam said in the description.

Dogs and cats are often portrayed as natural enemies, but the truth is, they can become fast-friends or even family if given the opportunity!

Even a large dog like a husky and a tiny kitten can hit it off and learn to love one another, as demonstrated by the video below.

Photo: YouTube/Myka

It’s enough to make even the most stone-hearted people melt!

Check out the sweet video below:

The video was taken 10 years ago and Adam shared on his Instagram page that husky since passed away. Even so, the video continues to make people smile around the world as her sweet memory lives on.

Have you ever witnessed a dog fostering a kitten? Let us know!

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