Husky Escapes From Kennel And Leaves A Path Of Destruction In Alabama Shelter

Huskies are known to be active dogs who can be destructive when bored. They are also escape artists as a husky named Titan proved to staff at Colbert County Animal Shelter.

The sweet husky was surrendered by his owners just before the shelter closed on Monday. The following morning staff arrived to find Titan at the door waiting to greet them surrounded by heaps of trash.

Titan managed to escape from his kennel and spent the night rummaging through the paperwork in the office and knocking everything, including the computer, to the ground.

He left a path of destruction and even managed to tear down the blinds. He didn’t want to be the only one having fun and the shelter shared he even let out two other dogs.

The shelter wrote, “We will have a slight delay this morning due to a Husky throwing a party last night in the lobby. Front desk computer is destroyed along with files and paperwork. He somehow let 2 dogs out in the back also. So we have a big mess to clean up.”

The team decided to see the humor in the situation but there is also the sad reality that Titan was stressed and anxious after being abandoned by his family. The security camera footage shows that he was just trying to break free and look for his family.

Several people suggested that he was suffering from separation anxiety.

All joking aside, the shelter agreed that Titan was stressed. They commented, “He wasn’t just being destructive to be destructive. He was surrender by his owner an hour before this occurred. He was stressed and alone in a new place and I’m sure was trying to get to his humans.”

Titan caused over $2,000 in damage and the shelter set up a GoFundMe page that exceeded the goal to replace the office supplies damaged during his all-night party.

Titan’s shenanigans went viral and other husky owners commented that is was “typical” behavior and “just a normal night” for a bored husky.

“Oh my gosh I LOVE that dog. I think the other two set him up. They got loose and destroyed everything. He was trying to get help. But he couldn’t use the keyboard so he then tried the window. He’s just a innocent guy that hung out with the wrong crowd,” wrote one viewer in Titan’s defense.

Another said, “A bored husky is a naughty husky and they’re all Houdini’s. 😂”

Later in the day as Titan’s story started to go viral, the shelter posted photos of the handsome fella and wrote, “Titan is looking for someone to bust him out of doggy jail after his late night shenanigans and party for 1! He is such a sweet dog, unless you are paper products 🤪”.

The following day Titan was adopted by a loving family with another husky who knows what to expect and will love him unconditionally.

Follow the shelter on Facebook to see the other dogs waiting to break free. Due to overcrowding, the shelter has lowered their adoption fee to help more dogs find forever homes. Adopt don’t shop!

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