Woman Attempts To Groom An Entire Litter Of Husky Puppies

Anyone whose familiar with huskies knows how much of a handful they can be. Beyond their high maintenance attention and exercise needs, they also require a lot of grooming to keep their coats nice and their nails trimed.

Vanessa of Girl With The Dogs is an experienced groomer and one thing she’s learned over the years is how much work it is to groom a husky.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

She’s shared videos in the past of how dramatic huskies can be during grooming, as they tend to be quite opinionated and loud.

Despite that, she wouldn’t trade her job for the world and recently took on a whole new level of challenge: grooming an entire litter of huskies!

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

In a video shared on YouTube, Vanessa shares the grooming process of how she groomed each pup one by one. In her words, their reactions to being groomed were “theatrical” to put it nicely.

Each pup reacted slightly differently, but they all shared one thing in common: They hated the blow dryer! Funny enough, that’s a part many humans enjoy at the salon.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

At the end of the video, Vanessa said if she ever plans to adopt a puppy from a bunch in the future, she’ll be grooming them first to determine which pup has the best temperament. It’s an interesting test!

Check out the video below:

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