Woman Organizes Impromptu Wedding After Husband With Dementia Re-Proposes

Marriage is one day of our life that would be hard to forget. We sometimes plan for months or even years for the special day to arrive and when it does, we want it to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Anne Duncan is a woman who knows all too well that a once-in-a-lifetime is not often enough. She lives with her husband, Bill, in Scotland and they have been happily married for 12 years.

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Unfortunately, just a few years after they got married, Bill began to show signs of dementia. In the last year of their marriage, he couldn’t even remember his wife’s name but there was something he did that made her realize that he still loved her from the heart.

Writing on Facebook, Anne said: “Something wonderful happened recently. My wonderful husband of 12 years, Bill, told me that he wanted to marry me.”

It seems as if her husband melted her heart when he told her that he really really liked her and wanted to be with her forever. As a dementia patient, Bill doesn’t often use words and he isn’t able to express himself, but he didn’t have a problem expressing this.

Photo: Facebook/STV News

She wrote about it being a memory that they will treasure and how lovely it was. Perhaps the most surprising part was that the next day, he began wondering when they were going to get married.

It was difficult to believe that he could keep the marriage proposal in his mind long enough to remember it the next day. Rather than just living in the memory, she decided to set things up on Saturday with some friends and have an impromptu wedding.

Andrea, her daughter, even said that she should go out and get a dress for the special occasion. She did purchase a dress but she fully expected to return it without wearing it. When Friday came around, however, Bill was still remembering the proposal.

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That is one day decided to get the cake and flowers were given to her for her hair. Renewal valves are also prepared for Bill so he could be more of the occasion.

It only took two days from the day that Bill asked her to be his bride again and the wedding was on. It was held in their backyard and nothing could have been more beautiful than this special occasion.

She said in the post: “It was the most wonderful day. We are so blessed to be supported by family and close friends who love us both and do everything they can to help Bill and I enjoy our lives together. I never dreamt we would ever renew our vows, but we really did. And it was wonderful. Bill was wonderful. And what is even more amazing is that 2 weeks later Bill still thinks he’s just married his new girlfriend and it makes him very happy.”

Photo: Facebook/STV News

Since the day was initiated by Bill, it was a special occasion, indeed. Anne not only has the love of her life back in her life in a special way, but she is also an inspiration for others who are dealing with dementia in their family.

In the end, she wrote: “Please take from this that you can never assume that just because someone has advanced dementia with all the difficulties that presents, that they can’t still surprise you in the most unlikely ways. Bill has made me very happy yet again.”

You can see more of it in the special Facebook video:

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