“Obedient” Husband Does As Wife Says But Still Enjoys His Weekend

Science behind a happy marriage?

Yes, it’s not just about romance, but there are steps that can help you attain nuptial bliss that have been proven true by scientific research, according to New York Times writer Tara Parker-Pope, who compiled them in her book, For Better.

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  • Couples should celebrate good news and good times. Being positive means a whole lot in a relationship. According to Howard Markman, co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver and one of the nation’s leading marriage researchers, “We’ve found that the positives are more and more important. It turns out that the fun couples have and the strength of their friendships are a strong predictor of their future.”
  • Five-to-one ratio of good and bad. You should have 5 good moments together to mitigate the effects of a bad one. Based on the reviewed data of University of Washington researchers, they observed a striking pattern in marriages. “In stable marriages, there are at least five times more positive interactions than negative ones. When the ratio starts to drop, the marriage is at high risk for divorce,” the study stated. Don’t just say “I’m sorry,” when you make a mistake; you must make up for it with 5 good things.
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  • You should stay in close contact with family and friends. Although marriage is a commitment between two people, you should still have your friends and family as part of your support system. This prevents one partner from emotionally draining the other.
  • You shouldn’t expect your partner to make you happy. As an individual, you ought to be happy on your own and have positive things to share in the marriage. It is not the duty of your partner to fill up the emptiness you’ve been feeling due to a lack of contentment or disillusionment. You must have your own strength and a positive spirit so the two of you can endure whatever challenge the future may throw in your path.
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Stay in love! Pursue excitement together! Keep injecting something new into your marriage. This way, the fireworks will last a long, long time!

In this story of a husband and wife, you’ll find something humorous in how the former pleases his wife while also having a good time at home. It’s a story from a family dentist who shared this post, which appeared on Reddit’s r/MaliciousCompliance.

The Original Poster, with the username u/oyeee8825, reveals the following: “My favorite example of malicious compliance happened about 10 years ago. I’m a dentist, and one Saturday morning I got a call on my cell from an older patient of mine (we are closed on the weekends).’Doc, I’ve got a tooth that’s just killing me,’ he said. I told him I lived just 10 minutes down the road, so why doesn’t he come on in, and I’d see if I could get him out of pain at least.”

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Do you know what happened next? OP wrote this response from the caller: “‘Naw, doc,’ he replied, ‘I’ve got some Jack Daniels here, and I’m doing just fine. My wife told me I had to call you, so I did. I’ll call your office Monday morning and see you then.’ Then he hung up. Still one of my favorite patients and favorite story to tell.”

Ha! Ha! Happy patient! And for sure, a happy wife for having a husband with a sense of humor; that’s part of the recipe for a happy marriage!

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