Greedy Husband Wants His Wife’s Friend to Divide Bonus Money Between Them for Referral Job

“Thing is, my wife got the job because they liked her on the interview and she had the right skills and not because Hannah referred her in. She did a favor by allowing Hannah to refer her instead of applying on her own. Without my wife, Hannah wouldn’t get any money. We are going over to Hannah’s and her husband’s place later today to hang out, and I’m planning to ask her about the money.”

This is the statement of the man who posted his story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA—hole forum under the username u/Dizzy-Addition-395.

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But he later deleted his post after getting slammed by Reddit users for being greedy.

The story is published in Newsweek as well, along with some of the comments from Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum. It’s all about money, the financial incentive that his wife’s friend would be receiving from her company for a successful referral.

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Suddenly, upon learning about it, this husband turned into a green-eyed monster. But, as for his wife, she feels very grateful because she found her ideal job, and it pays more. And yet, this man could not rest, and, even if it could break up his wife’s friendship with Hannah, he’s determined to get a fair cut.

But is it really a fair thing to ask?

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Newsweek cited a clarification from an Ask A Manager blog which stated that referral bonuses are solely for the employee who made the referral. It’s an incentive for employees to refer people who have the skills and knowledge that the company needs. According to the blog, “The candidate’s reward is the job and the salary. The referral bonus is [a] payment to you for finding and flagging someone good enough that they were hired.”

Since this husband deleted the post, the readers have no idea if he went on with his intention.

But what’s sure is that Redditors were blasting him for being so greedy.

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