Wife Freaked Out Over Husband Sleeping With His Eyes Open

As much as some of us are alike, we all have our own unique sleep habits that are so personal to each of us. Some people even have some sleep behavior that’s pretty unique, including one woman’s husband.

TikTok user Payton Vidmar took to the app to share about the strange way her husband, Colton, sleeps with his eyes wide open.

Photo: TikTok/@paytonvidmar

To say it’s unsettling is an understatement!

Payton says in the video: “This is proof that my husband actually sleeps with his eyes open. It freaks me the f–k out every time I look.”

Photo: TikTok/@paytonvidmar

At the end of the clip, Payton wakes Colton up and he blinks is his and sleepily looks around the room.

Since being uploaded to TikTok, the video was viewed more than 28 million times. People had a lot of feelings about Colton’s unusual sleeping habits. “man’s gotta be waking up with the DRYEST eyes,” one person wrote. Another added, “how is that even possible.”

Photo: TikTok/@paytonvidmar

Others joked that they’d be buying him a sleep mask and we’re right there with them!

If you’d like to see Colton sleeping with his eyes open, you can check out the TikTok video below:

@paytonvidmar Please ignore my laugh I’ve been sick. #husbandwife #husbandsoftiktok #sleepyhead #freakthefreakout #scary ♬ original sound – Payton Vidmar

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