Wife Expects Her Husband to Cook Meals Although He Has an Ankle Injury

Health recovery doesn’t happen overnight. The healing process depends on how much pain and trauma the body went through. As the companion of a recovering person, you need to widen your understanding and always extend support. Make things easier at home — they’ll need your assistance more than ever. A supportive environment plays a vital role in a person’s healing journey. Do not expect a lot from them and ensure they rest well at home. Pressure doesn’t help.

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You also have to scold them if they push themselves too much. Some patients want to move and do things quickly, but putting pressure on a recovering body won’t quicken the healing phase and will only strain the body significantly when injured. They should take things slow and be gentle with the injured body part. Recovering at home isn’t also a vacation. For this reason, the family shouldn’t push them to do household chores, including cooking dinner.

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A Reddit user has been receiving backlash about how she treated her injured husband. Her Reddit post currently has 4.1k comments, and all shared one opinion. InternationalPop2660 shared her displeasure about her husband’s cooking. Apparently, she expects her partner to cook dinner since he’s staying at home while recovering. Her husband obliged the request and said that he would try his best. Take note that he has an ankle injury, is in a cast, and requires crutches. He did well, but she thinks that it’s still not enough.

“The first day, all he made is freaking grilled cheese and soup. Stuff like that that doesn’t really constitute a meal, or he orders take out. Once in a while, okay, but it’s been like that ever since he’s been staying home,” OP shared. “Yesterday I asked him to do something with more sustenance like a baked dish with a side salad. Protein and vegetable sides. My husband argued and said he didn’t think he’d be able to do something like that because he’s supposed to be staying off that foot as much as possible for the time being. And he brought up being in pain. I totally get the pain but I reminded him that there were ways to make a good dinner even with a broken ankle,” she added.

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Due to all her demands, OP’s husband decided to stay at his friend’s house for a while. InternationalPop2660 also explained that she’s too busy at work and can’t balance her job and household chores. Despite the fact that she described her side, Reddit users couldn’t help but pity her husband and point out her faults. People were also surprised that her husband could still cook grilled cheese, soup, and chili. Many were annoyed that the wife couldn’t appreciate her husband’s efforts. It was apparent that he did his very best.

ObsoleteGraffiti wrote, “How’s his ankle supposed to heal if he’s on it for that long? It’s been less than a week. This is ridiculous.” It was indeed puzzling. How do you expect someone to create a “perfect meal” in that condition? For people in the midst of healing, showing gratitude for trying their best is all they need. Reddit users shared sentiments that the wife should have understood when her husband underwent surgery.

Salem_Sims commented, “YTA. If he’s supposed to keep his feet up, that includes playing maid. In spite of this, he still managed to put food on the table, and you’re not pleased with the quality? The injury/surgery occurred a week ago, give it time. I broke my foot and had to have surgery you have no idea how distressed I would have been had my husband pressured me into anything more then to keep my foot elevated.”

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InternationalPop2660 included some edits to her post, but her reasons remain invalid. On her first edit, she was willing to apologize after reading the comments she received, and she also plans to do nice things for him. However, on her second edit, she explained her side again — saying that her workload is exhausting, and she needed help and even called out her husband for being difficult as well. People did not buy her follow-up posts and still called her ungrateful.

How about you? What’s your take on OP’s situation? Read the whole discussion on Reddit. The comments you’ll read are too engaging, and you might also find yourself commenting.

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