You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Christmas Budget This Woman Received From Her Husband

Celebrating holidays is something many people look forward to — in any part of the world. Each culture has its festivities, which are all equally joyous and the perfect time to be with loved ones. Most of the world’s population celebrates Christmas, and people prepare for it weeks before the actual day. Houses are adorned with decorations symbolizing the Yuletide season — interior and exterior.

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Such traditions make the holiday even more exciting, bringing out the kid inside every person. But before you get into the festivities, weeks before the holidays, you should have carefully planned out your budget. Christmas requires funds, especially when it involves gifts and guests you have invited. Decorations and groceries cost a lot — a budget breakdown should be created to avoid exceeding the funds.

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Christmas plans are usually planned out by either husband or wife — sometimes, it’s part of their bond. However, for this married couple, Christmas doesn’t sound jolly due to their feud caused by finances. NoChristmas2022 shared her story on Reddit, which has made many people furious at her husband’s mindset. Who would even have the energy to celebrate festivities with someone who expects too much when he provided the bare minimum?

According to OP’s post, she is a stay-at-home mother, so her husband is the financial provider of their family. The problem began when her husband decided to tighten the grip on his salary because he was saving up for a football event overseas. OP mentioned that the family has been living on a tight budget for four months. She tried to understand his situation, but it became too much when they discussed Christmas plans.

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“We discussed plans for Christmas, and he told me to handle everything since he won’t be back til Dec. 20th. He told me he had put aside money for Christmas decorations, food, gifts, kids’ needs, etc,” OP wrote. “The money in total was 100$. I was completely shocked. I told him 100$ for an entire family’s Christmas celebration was ridiculously not enough. He shrugged, saying it’s all he’s got, but I pointed out how he’s paying for his friend’s and his girlfriend’s travel expenses.”

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She couldn’t take her husband’s stubbornness, so she decided to put Christmas on hold. He still couldn’t accept that he was wrong and left for Qatar after a heated argument. “He was livid; he just kept sending one angry message after another, calling me ‘spoiled’ and telling me to stop expecting to live like I was still living in my parents’ house and to stop trying to ‘rob’ the kids of enjoying the holidays like the other kids.”

The Reddit post by NoChristmas2022 has already earned 19.3k upvotes and 4.1k comments. Redditors couldn’t help but angrily react to her husband’s immaturity. It’s truly infuriating that he doesn’t know what a priority really is and makes his family struggle to celebrate a happy occasion. Some Reddit users mentioned that $100 is sufficient for two persons, but with kids around, the husband wouldn’t get the Christmas he was expecting.

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“No sane person from this century could pull off Christmas with 100 bucks unless they go in for petty theft on a grand scale. Ultimatum time – he treats you as an equal financially or you leave and get child support,” Mama_Mush commented. Others were also furious that the husband even had the audacity to cover his friend’s expenses. “Not just that, he would rather pay for his buddy and his gf to travel than provide his kids with a decent holiday,” pepperann007 wrote. She also suggested that OP should take her kids and spend the holidays with their other family.

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Although Christmas shouldn’t be about money, having a well-allocated budget is essential if you are expecting a lovely celebration. As a family provider, you should know your priorities, especially when it’s supposed to be that time of the year kids are at their happiest. For this reason, many suggested a divorce because it was a huge red flag. You’ll see different hot discussions in the comment section. Go on and share your thoughts to help OP celebrate Christmas without worrying about a problematic husband.

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