Husband’s Display of Immaturity During His Birthday Party Made His Wife Walk Out of the Venue

Sometimes a person’s self-confidence starts to deteriorate when others make fun of them. Sadly, sometimes those people who would do such a thing can be your family or friends. It’s saddening that they are the first to laugh at you when you’re feeling low. Their reason is that they get to laugh at your situation because they are family. However, there’s a huge difference between having fun and offending actions. It’s even more hurtful when they comment on things about you even though they know what you’ve been through.

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Another hurtful part about such jokes is the invalidating comments. They’ll tell you that you’re overreacting and you are being a big killjoy. One of the most laughed-at matters is a person’s physical appearance. Immature and narcissistic people have a lot of jokes about this — even if it’s their wife. MandyTate35246 shared her story on Reddit that involves her husband’s family and friends. It was supposed to be a joyful celebration since it was her husband’s birthday. However, her spouse’s side of the family were the only ones who enjoyed the party, and the wife walked out of the restaurant.

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“He was at the restaurant with his family and friends when I arrived with my sister. As soon as he saw me walking in, he busted out laughing….he pointed at the dress and was going hysterical saying ‘oh my God’ I felt so incredibly mad,” OP shared. “Especially when the others started laughing as well. One of his friends started whistling in a mocking tone. I turned around instantly and walked out and my sister followed me. I went home and cried a little, but he kept calling non stop.”

It was humiliating for OP, mainly because her husband requested that she wear the dress. Apparently, MandyTate35246 had a medical condition that affected her body. “I had gained weight due to this medical condition and also medication, and none of my old clothes were fitting anymore. I bought new fitting clothes, but for my husband’s birthday party, he asked me to wear one of my old dresses that was one of his favorites,” OP explained.

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Her husband knew the reason behind the change in her body, but he had the audacity to body shame her. When her spouse returned home, he immediately called out OP, saying she was overreacting and too sensitive. He blamed MandyTate35246 for ruining the party and suggested she consult a therapist. Although he was putting OP in a bad position, Reddit users clearly knew who acted immaturely at his birthday party.

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“Am a therapist, can confirm. This is abuse. OP, if you do go to therapy, don’t go to couple’s therapy with an abuser, go to individual therapy. You may want to read ‘Why Does He Do That’ by Lundy Bancroft and see if you recognize your marriage in it,” Consistent-Basket330 wrote. Even a professional can agree that OP’s reaction was only natural — the husband was the abuser. WildHealth also mentioned that the husband was the one who needed the therapy. How could a grown man laugh at his wife for something she considers sensitive? They were even in public, which made the situation worse.

Lots of people supported OP. She received 15.6k upvotes and 1.6k supportive comments. Although the moderators have closed the comment section, you can still read the whole discussion. You might also read the validation you haven’t heard yet for experiencing a similar issue. No one has the right to make fun of your physique — not even those close to you who say it was only a friendly joke.

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