Hurricane Idalia Makes Historic Landfall in Florida Wednesday Morning As Category 3 Storm

Hurricane Idalia made landfall in the Big Bend region of Florida early Wednesday morning as a Category 3 storm – the largest to hit the region in over 125 years.

US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida kept a close eye on the tropical storm that developed into Hurricane Idalia which was forecasted to head in their direction.

As the hurricane gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico, they took to Facebook to warn people. “Hurricane #Idalia will likely be an unprecedented event for many locations in the Florida Big Bend. Looking back through recorded history, NO major hurricanes have ever moved through the Apalachee Bay. When you try to compare this storm to others, DON’T. No one has seen this.”

Hurricane Idalia gained strength overnight but then lost some before making landfall as a Category 3 storm at Keaton Beach at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday morning.

High storm surge and damaging winds have already destroyed structures and knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

The National Hurricane Center warned that storm surge could reach up to 16 feet in some areas.

Storm chasers have already captured and shared footage of the destructive winds, torrential downpours, and intense storm surges on X (formerly Twitter).

Heavy rain and life-threatening storm surge are expected to continue into the afternoon as the hurricane makes its way across the state and into Georgia.

People and pets in the area will need help, and we are going to be there to lend a helping hand. Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response Team is monitoring the situation closely and preparing to support people and pets affected by this disaster. You can help provide food and essential supplies to those impacted by the hurricane by donating here.

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