Experts Warn Aussies Can Expect More Huntsman Spiders This Summer

There are two types of people in this world, those who are a little leery of spiders and those who are absolutely terrified of them. It is one of the biggest fears that most people have, which is why there is even a name for it (arachnophobia).

If you live in Australia, you have even more to be afraid of when it comes to spiders. We’re talking about Huntsman spiders, and this summer may just be a record-setter when it comes to how many of those arachnids will be seen in Queensland.

Photo: Flickr/Jean and Fred Hort License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Bianca Stone, a reporter for Channel 7’s Sunrise, gave a warning about the explosion of spiders that is likely to happen in the upcoming weeks. It all has to do with La Nina, which makes for the perfect weather conditions for the spiders.

Stone had other bad news for Aussies, saying: “They are bigger and there’s more of them than ever before, and there’s good reason for it; they love the conditions – hot weather, the wet weather, there’s plenty of food around as well..”

Photo: Flickr/Jean and Fred Hort License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

If you live in Australia and suffer from arachnophobia, don’t be too afraid. Huntsman spiders are not typically aggressive and they will not usually chase after you, as they prefer to run away. They are also not deadly, so aside from giving you a fright, there’s no real fear.

You might look at this as being all bad but actually, Huntsman spiders will clear out many of the smaller insects from your home. That’s good news and perhaps the silver lining we have been looking for.

According to the Courier Mail, Dr. Jeremy Wilson, an Arachnologist at the Queenston Museum, says spiders love the weather in Australia. As reported in the Courier Mail, the high temperatures and humidity allow the spiders and thrive.

Photo: Flickr/Gordon Wrigley License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Then again, he said that Huntsman spiders only live for about one or two years but having a lot of them out at the same time means that there was a good breeding season, which is what seems to have happened in the past year or two.

In the end, he gave an additional warning to act quickly if you spot one or two of the spiders. He said: “These are the ultimate conditions for a growth spurt, lots of eggs will be hatching.”

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