Ohio Shelter Puppies Are Tuckered Out After Playing With Donated Toys

Puppies have endless energy and a good way to entertain them is with toys, however, most animal shelters are unable to afford luxuries like toys and treats.

That is where Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program steps in. The cost of pet food alone can consume a shelter’s minimal budget. The GOODS program provides nutritious dog and cat food, essential supplies, toys, and treats to shelters across the country.

Shelter life is stressful and takes a toll on the homeless dogs and cats as well as the staff and volunteers who care for them. Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is full of adoptable dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. They received a GOODS donation of toys and tasty treats that brightened the day of all the shelter pets.

They told us, “We had staff and volunteers distribute the toys and treats to our in-house dogs, puppies and cats. We are in the height of kitten/puppy season with a shelter full of stressed adult dogs and cats-and staff and volunteers. It was a great day for everyone- we enjoyed watching the animals get some enrichment and a break from shelter day to day routine and boredom.”

While all of the animals enjoyed the much-needed distraction, a litter of puppies (Ziva, Dozer, Kiya, Raven and Harley Quinn) had a blast with their new toys and finally were able to play until they dropped from exhaustion.

Photo: Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

Amber Dennison, HSOV Board of Directors, President said, “We have had more puppies this year than I ever remember in my 15 years volunteering. Instead of kitten season- we are FULL of ornery, playful, needy puppies! The toys were a huge hit with them!”

Adult dogs and cats also enjoyed playing with the new toys and devoured the treats. This small gesture of kindness and support was made possible thanks to your support.

Photo: Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

Learn more about the GOODS program and how it helps people and pets in need. Together we CAN change the world.

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