28 People Team Up To Rescue Dolphin Trapped In Florida Creek

A dolphin in Flordia was given a second chance at life after more than two dozen people stepped up to free her from a creek.

According to a press release from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the aquarium was called to help with a dolphin that was spotted in a creek in Clearwater, Florida.

Photo: Facebook/Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Biologists monitored the dolphin and noted it was in good health. However, they explained, “Since monitoring began, the dolphin had not left the creek. This posed potential long-term problems for the animal, such as isolation from other dolphins and an increased risk of harassment and human interactions.”

Experts decided it was in the dolphin’s best interest to intervene and encourage the animal to leave the creek area.

Photo: Facebook/Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The aquarium shared on Facebook that 28 biologists worked together and “formed a human chain to create a visual and sound barrier to guide the animal to safety.”

According to Fox 13 Tampa Bay, Brittany Baldrica, senior rescue biologist with CMA, said:

Photo: Facebook/Clearwater Marine Aquarium

“The goal was to not put hands on the animal. The goal was to just be a barrier that was novel to the animal, so we wanted to create a physical barrier as well as an auditory barrier, so we had somebody behind us that was banging on a boat, revving their engine and then we were splashing the water and moving forward towards the animal, so we were giving the animal the option to swim through the bridge on its own.”

To learn more about the rescue, check out the video below:

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