Cheeky Bird Knocks Everything Over With No Regrets

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Hubert. If you ever had a bird in your life, you realize that they have a personality that is as big as life itself.

Mr. Hubert is also included in that fact, but his personality is one that is gaining some attention.

As far as social media birds are concerned, Mr. Hubert does a good job of keeping our attention. It isn’t because he is adorable or because he has a large vocabulary, is because he has a rather obnoxious habit and people can’t get enough of it.

If there is anything near Mr. Hubert, he is going to knock it over. Regardless of what it is or why it is there, it is not safe if the bird is around.

People have fallen in love with this bird so much that they will watch any video that is posted. One of those videos has even gained over 4 million views, and it just shows Mr. Hubert pushing over one thing after another.

Perhaps the most adorable part of the video is not the fact that he is knocking things over but the fact that he seems to celebrate before he does so. You can watch him doing a little dance before he knocks over a cake mix box and it’s absolutely perfect.

@hubertthebird I’m Hubert and I’m BAD! #caique #caiques #parrot #parrots #funnybird #funnyparrot #pets #pet #funnypets #whitebelliedcaique #thedodo ♬ Bad – Michael Jackson

I’m not sure if this video is going to convince you that you need a bird in your life but let me just say, you will never regret it if you do.

They are amazing animals and unlike Mr. Hubert, not all of them are jerks.

You can see more the honory parrot on Instagram or TikTok!

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