Street Dog Suffering From Severe Mange Becomes “Gatekeeper” At Rescue That Helped Him

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”, as Joaquin Phoenix has said, but instead makes them a hero.

A stray dog missing all his fur and unable to open his eyes due to severe mange was found by Humane Society International- India.

Mange is a common skin disease among stray and neglected dogs. It is caused by mites and usually results in the dog losing their fur and forming sores on their skin. It is a painful and itchy condition that can thankfully be treated with proper care.

The sweet pup was taken in and immediately started on medication to help calm his inflamed skin, which looked more like stone than skin. He was named Lambu and quickly won the hearts of his rescuers.

The Humane Society International shared his transformation story on Facebook and wrote, “The team set to work right away, treating him with oral medications and soothing baths. After two months, Lambu was a completely different dog.”

Lambu made a full recovery and decided to remain at the rescue to act as the unofficial “gatekeeper”. The nonprofit said “(He) is beloved by everyone—staff and neighborhood alike!”

It should come as no surprise, that the loyal dog decided to stay close to those who helped him and in return is helping by announcing when anyone new arrives.

The Indian affiliate of the Humane Society International focuses on “protecting street dogs, responding to disasters and cruelty cases, saving wild animals from abuse, protecting marine mammals, fighting dog meat trade, fighting factory farming and striving to end toxicity testing on animals in India.”

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