Adorable Stray Shows Her Sweet Side To The People Who Rescued Her

Whoever first uttered the phrase, “every dog deserves his day,” certainly had Honey in mind. With such a sweet face and kind disposition, she deserved to have her special day on many different levels.

Unfortunately for Honey, things didn’t start out as sweet as they could. As shared on YouTube, for almost a year, she was seen living on a construction site as a stray dog.

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

The workers would do what they could to look after her. They would even bring her food so she had something to eat.

There was one day that they saw her and it was of great concern. Honey had an accident and broke her leg. She was seen a few days later by a nearby woman and taken to a vet.

Honey was able to get surgery to get her leg back in shape again, and then one of the construction workers took her in as a foster dog. She lived in the garden shed for about two months, but they weren’t able to find her a forever family.

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

The construction worker and his family tried desperately to find someone to take her permanently, but they were struggling to do so. They also couldn’t take her for themselves.

That is when they got in touch with Howl of a Dog.

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

Fortunately, Honey is now being well taken care of by the rescue. They are making sure she has everything she needs and is looking for a forever home.

They also say on their website that Honey is very affectionate and playful. They are caring for her in Romania, but they are willing to adopt her internationally. You can see more in the video below:

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