Dog Waits At Gate In Hopes That Someone Will Help Her And Her Sisters

An injured dog knew just where to go for help for her and her sick sisters.

Rescuers with Howl Of A Dog were told about the three pups who were pacing in front of a gate at a car repair shop in Romania.

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

According to the rescue, “Cora and her two sisters, Kami and Carly, had been living in the yard of a car repair shop.”

The employees at the shop treated them kindly and made sure they were fed, but the dogs were still strays and needed proper medical care.

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

Cora started limping on her front leg, so the rescue was called in to take her to the vet for an X-ray. Thankfully, her leg was ok, but the veterinarian discovered something else that was going on with her and her sisters: they were all suffering from parvovirus.

The rescue explained, “Sadly, all three pups tested positive for parvovirus and had to be hospitalized and received supportive care. Even if detected in the early stage, parvovirus is quite aggressive and progresses rapidly.”

Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

While Cora and Carly recovered quickly, Kami required a bit more medical attention due to the virus. Thankfully, they did all recover.

The rescue was pleased to announce: “They’ve all made a complete recovery…But their story is not a happy ending one yet, because they need to find adoptive homes.”

Check out the video below:

As of late September 2022, the dogs are in the care of Howl of a Dog rescue in Romania, but the rescue is accepting adoption applications internationally. You can learn more about adopting Carly, Kami, and Cora or their other rescue dogs on the Howl of a Dog website here!

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